Pastor Mike Donahue

Pastor Mike Donahue

Children & Youth Pastor


God has confirmed over and over that my calling is to work with young people for the rest of my life.  It is my greatest pleasure to see our Youth grasp their faith and make it their own.   God has entrusted me with his greatest asset,  the next generation.   It’s my mission in life to honor God by making disciples’ and preparing the next generation to walk with Christ.

When Jesus allowed the little children to jump on his lap, he showed the world and the rest of history the extreme value of children. I have been blessed beyond measure to be allowed to continue and share His work of teaching and loving the smallest and most precious of God’s creations. The various departments I oversee are staffed with a group of men and women that share the desires and dreams of our Lord and Savior. These departments include SuperChurch and VBS.

My eyes fill with tears and my heart rejoices at the sound of kids laughing and their little voices filling the air. I will never tire of running through the halls with them in their endless search for fun. May God continue to bless me with the privilege of being a child each week—it is so extremely true that I don’t want to grow up, so I’m not going too!!