CLC has 17 Connect Groups that meet throughout the week                   (See Church Events Calendar)        

Sunday      October 13th

9:00 A. M.    Connect Group “Verses for Tough Times”  MPB Room #3

10:00 A. M.    Worship – Sanctuary

Monday       October 14th

5:00 P. M.    Men & Women’s Connect Group “New Believers” – MPB Room #1

Tuesday        October 15th

6:00 P. M.      Men’s Connect Group “Men Breaking Free” – MBP Room #1 

Wednesday     October 16th

8:30 A. M.    “Women Breaking Free Advanced Study ” – Pastor Russ Office

6:00 P. M.       Worship Practice – Sanctuary

6:30 P. M.    “Men’s Breaking Free Advanced Study ” – Pastor Russ Office

6:30 P. M.        Men’s Connect Group “Usual Suspects” – MPB Room #4

Thursday     October 17th

9:30 A. M.      Women in Touch MPB RM #1

5:00 P. M.      Women’s Connect Group MPB RM #1

            Celebrate Recovery  (CR)

6:00 P. M.     CR Meal & Fellowship  –  Higher Grounds

7:00 P. M.      CR Large Group Meeting – Sanctuary

8:00 P. M.      CR Small Group Meetings –  Throughout the Church Campus

Friday      October 18th

8:00 A. M.      Men’s Connect Group – Jerry’s Restaurant